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MiniRay™ Nano Light

MiniRay™ Nano Light

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Your Pocket Powerhouse Light Companion


MiniRay™ presents a shock-resistant construction made of durable ABS and military-graded materials.


MiniRay™ provides a convenient hands-free experience with its innovative keychain carabiner and concealed magnetic interface.


MiniRay™ integrates a well-designed backend sturdy bracket to provide adequate lighting on all angles.


MiniRay™ offers added convenience and functional with the built-in bottle opener perfect for on-the go.


MiniRay™ offers enhanced compatibility for standard products like tripods and various mounting gears, making it extremely versatile.


MiniRay™ presents a slim, sleek design that provides optimal functionality for everyday use.

🌟 Light up Your Adventures!

Whether you're camping, hiking or working in the dark, the MiniRay™ provides perfect light with its LED illumination and different modes. Never stumble in the darkness again!

🔋 Tired of Frequent Battery Replacements?

Power outages are no longer a concern with the MiniRay™. Its energy-efficient LED light guarantees a longer battery life, providing you with a reliable source of light whenever you need it!

📦 Frustrated with Bulky Flashlights?

No room for a bulky flashlight in your travel kit? Not an issue with MiniRay™! Its sleek design fits right into your pocket or easily attaches to a backpack, making it your perfect on-the-go companion.

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