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Auto Switch

Auto Switch

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Tired of forgetting to turn off those lamps, lighting, fishpod fixtures and other energy-hungry devices?

The Auto Switch comes to the rescue by allowing you to set a schedule for when these devices should be turned on and off. This timer is great for saving energy and money - simply plug it into a socket and you're good to go!

This Auto Switch is equipped with built-in rechargeable battery. No need to replace the battery. When there is power failure, the unit will continue working 1-2 months.

Program your home appliances when to turn on/off. You can select the hour, minute, and day start time every day. It is so easy to use!

Use it to control the lights in your home, the water heater and any other small appliance or item you can think of that can be left plugged in when not in use.

16 different on/off settings and manual over-ride capability. The indicator lights are programmable so that their functionality matches the status of device switch according to your schedule.

Timer will automatically turn household electrical devices on or off based on you programmed settings. The timer has 16 different on/off settings and is good for LED lights, cellphones, televisions, fish pod , small motor, stereos as well as other home devices that work.

It also has a manual setting so you can set the timers manually too.

With a 1 minute minimum setting time and a maximum of 24 hours this timer is great for daily routines.

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